Natural and Theological Virtues and Vices Series – Fidelity


Elon College in Elon North Carolina’s new traditional Administration, Records, and Library building is the site where the Fidelity Virtues Series Work was designed to be site and audience specific. The Generous support of the Art Department in giving Grants for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities awarded this build shown with others at the Tristate 2009 Conference at Elon. After the ideations drawings were approved the record keeping function of this building became the focus of the work. The wood, metals, Plexiglas, and documents final size is 9.5 x 4 x 1.5 feet wide plus extensions and plinth.
The amount of records that are kept on individual students in all areas of an academic institution is noteworthy in and of itself, but the amassed documents on all students taught by instructors over a 30- 40 year career is a storage and calculation nightmare. In thinking of all documents hard copy and digital in all instructional settings worldwide the term astronomical comes to mind and maybe even that term is not a large enough expression. The focus on this work was to record just the names of all of the students that were the responsibility and launched influence of one college instructor over a 45 year career. These are stored in the top compartment of the work.

A 34 x 48 inch charcoal over water color work Stress Series 10 Office Files, is a further explanation of the visual role of such recordkeeping systems and is a companion drawing to the fidelity sculpture. The drawing is just one section of an analog academic office filing system that could be imagined multiplied over and over in this spatially open format composition.